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Sing Your Inner Music

Unblock that beautiful voice of yours

A three month group program for hidden singers that want to come out into the open. And for sensitive listeners that finally want to learn to speak up for themselves. 


Don´t try to change your voice. Change your relationship with your voice.


This is what this course can do for you:


From feeling blocked and holding back, to feeling free and authentic while making music. 


From being afraid of not knowing the right techniques, you´re going to be confident and skillful by embodying essential singing techniques... 


From not knowing what songs suit you and your voice, we´ll unleash your perfect repetoire...

What´s holding you back:

This all sounds very nice, but

  • My voice feels blocked, tensed and it feels like something is stuck there
  • I started too late, I´m too old now
  • I don´t have a special talent,  let alone the X-factor, or an amazingly impressive voice.
  • I feel too insecure or scared to do a program like this
  • I have zero experience, I should have started earlier, and I should have been further ahead by now

Here's the truth

It doesn't have to be this way

Your voice doesn´t have to be perfect to be loved. What if the key to feeling confident and capable doesn´t lie in perfection, but in authenticity. Do you dare to connect to your life story and emotions while using your voice? 


"This program went so much deeper than just learning the right techniques. It was like therapy to me. I finally dare to go on stage now! I wouldn't be here without it."

Leonie, student of Sing Your Inner Music

Sing Your Inner Music Method

The pathway to sing and speak in connection to your emotions , truth and life story, so you can use your voice in an authentic, embodied and confident way that touches the heart of your audience, and yourself. 

Proven roadmap

Hundreds of people found their authentic and confident voice working with me through my Inner Music Method. It´s a gentle pathway to align you to your power, message and instrument to communicate.

Weekly sessions

During 3 months we´ll have a weekly group session of 1,5 hrs. We dedicate this to practice, release and expand. There´s space to share and there will be hotseats. For Dates & Times see FAQ below.

Private community

There´s space to connect with me and other students in the online community. You can ask questions, practice together and inspire eachother beyond your comfort zone!

Guided meditations

You´ll have access to my online course covering the essentials of my Inner Music Method. It contains 7 modules & 40+ lessons, with profound exercises to integrate into your daily life.

Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to achieve your goal

Module 1

Voice Liberation

Leave behind any limiting beliefs you have about your voice and its capabilities. Release old stories that hold you back to shine. Tune into a healthy and supportive mindset, so you will feel free and authentic whenever you use your voice!

The second element

Vocal Techniques

Learn yóur quick way to access essential singing techniques. Whether it is through body-adjustment, using the strength of your imagination or connecting to your chakra´s; there is an easy, powerful way for you to master this skill. 

The third element

Embodiment of Song

We´ll access inspiring songs and artists in a creative way so that you can stop copying others, but get people to cry through singing music that you love in your unique way. Singing is not as hard as it seems, when you stop copying others, and start doing YOU!

How does this sound?

This program is perfect for you if...

  • You believe singing is possible – you just need someone to hand you the right tools.
  • You believe the time has come for you to speak up – so you can live your empowered and happy life 
  • You´re curious about what looking into your current block(s) will reveal and you feel ready to unleash that magical hidden voice of yours 
  • You want to approach working with your voice from a place of authenticity, strength and inner support
  • You know that there is a way for you to start loving your voice, before it is perfect. And that that is the way to expand it into a faithful servant of your message
  • You resonate with the magical combination of inner work, vocal technique and embodiment of your (sung) story

Jutta about working with Malou:

"This was an emotional ride for me. I realised I have left so much unsaid in my life. Since I released this, my breath and voice feel so relieved."

Anne about working with Malou:

"Malou has the superpowers to truly and deeply tune into your deeper self and help you access your authentic softness, so you can move and EXPRESS from there, speak your truth, show yourself. She hasn’t only helped me feel myself more, but also sing my tune louder!"

Ready to take this step for you? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • proven roadmap to expand your voice during 3 months 
  • weekly 1,5 hrs live group session
  • recorded daily exercises to do at home
  • access to our private community group to keep expanding between sessions together

5 payments of


  • proven roadmap to expand your voice  during 3 months
  • weekly 1,5 hrs live group session 
  • daily exercises to do at home
  • access to our private community group to keep expanding between sessions together 


And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

Online Course

My pre-recorded online course completely free accesible for you the rest of your life! 7 Modules, 40+ classes plus a 60 page Workbook covering all the essentials of my Sing Your Inner Music Method. Worth €222, but free for you!

Bonus #2

Fast action bonus

Everyone signing up before 1-12-´23 gets a one hour 1-1 session upfront, for free! We tune into your current place and needs, and make the first magical vocal shifts happen for you. Worth €150, a welcoming gift from me to you!

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Malou

I believe that being a great singer and speaker, means being confidently connected to all parts of you that resonate along with your voice.

I have been profesionally singing since I was very young. But I only started to truly enjoy it since I
1. Cleared up my mental blocks (such as believing I´m not good enough (PERIOD), constantly listening and comparing myself to others etc.)
2. Allow myself to be ME, with all that I am: my emotions, my truth, and life history that resonate with me when I sing or speak.

Since then it seems like I have tapped into a magical source that never dries up!

Hundreds of people have come to me, to learn to get into an empowered mindset, learn how to authenically embody their songs and stories, with a combination of right techniques.

It is my joyful purpose to make you express yourself in ways you never thought possible for yourself. 

So you´ll sing or speak in an authentic way that touches the hearts of many, including your own.

This is possible for you too.

Your path to your free voice:


Join Sing Your Inner Music

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email with your login details.


Dive in and take action

Show up for the calls and integrate the exercises into your daily life. Can´t make it sometimes? Don´t worry, all classes will be recorded and you´ll have lifetime access to all the recorded exercises that are shared with you.


Reach your goal

Finally feel confident, authentic and free while using your voice. From voice liberation, to vocal technique and embodiement of song... You´ll have everything you need to start nailing these songs! 


Our money-back guarantee

Try our program, risk-free

Feel like you have given it your all but didn´t get the results you were hoping for? If you feel after three months you haven´t learned a single thing and your voice is still as hidden as it was before, you´ll get your money back, guaranteed! 

Liz found herself:

"With grace, humour and skill Malou taught me that I could indeed sing but what I did not expect, is that she also liberated the voice of my 13 year old self. I feel stronger, happier and more purposeful than ever before!"

Ineke went beyond expectations:

"Despite my serious lung problem, Malou managed to make me sing freely, shamelessly and from my heart by opening her magic door. Singing is now an expression of what I feel. What a joy and relief!"

Are you ready to start shining bright while using your precious voice?

Stop postponing your heartfelt dream to sing. There is so much hidden in your that wants to be discovered. Blocks to be released. So much joy and confidence to be gained! And that in a community of people with the same desire on the same path...! Can it get any better?



Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • proven roadmap to expand your voice during 3 months 
  • weekly 1,5 hrs live group session
  • recorded daily exercises to do at home
  • access to our private community group to keep expanding between sessions together

5 payments of


  • proven roadmap to expand your voice during 3 months 
  • weekly 1,5 hrs live group session
  • recorded daily exercises to do at home
  • access to our private community group to keep expanding between sessions together
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