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What is left unsaid

When we are young we are being civilised.
We are told to stop screaming.
Don´t whine!
Only  until a certain age you're allowed to cry and scream when you´re in emotional or physical discomfort.
It makes sense.
We might still be running around like caveman if we didn´t civilize.
The world will be pretty loud if we kept screaming like little babies.
So much is left unsaid,
We've lost our natural way of giving sound to our emotions.
Just like a baby screams when it´s hungry because the mom didn't pick up early hunger signs,
and the toddler that screams when he bums its toe,
it would make sense for us to every day take some time for our natural expression.
I was looking at the waves this week.
Enjoying and their sound smashing with power to the sand.
And I realised there's music in it.
I thought about the leaves of a tree, and how it creates new melodies over and over again in harmony with the wind.
How we as human beings don't have a clue anymore what our natural sound is.
And the experience of how liberating it can be to just allow sound to come out of you.
Instead of looking for perfection when we sing,
wanting to sound like a certain artist,
disconnected from our own experience of life.
In our day to day we´re swallowing most about what we truly think or feel in order to be liked,
to please others,
to be a good girl/ boy/ ….
The magic that happens when you regain connection to the natural sound that is within…
Giving voice to everything that has been left unsaid:
The loneliness of a young child.
Pure joy of an adult finding its dream job.
The roaring of a the lioness within, setting boundaries in a clear way.
It´s so impressive to use your voice like that.
And true.
And therefore touching.
And powerful beyond measure.
So I'm not suggesting to run around screaming like a caveman again all day...🧌
But I am suggesting to reconnect to the power of your own voice.
To access it at certain set moments during your day or week.
Because it discharges emotions.
Lets stress out.
It touches yourself and others deeply.
Gosh, the power of letting yourself be heard,
and you hearing yourself out loud….
Sing Your Inner Music.

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