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Service Station

Service Station

¨Estacion de servicio¨

As I was playing with the energy of Service this last week I stumbled upon a lovely analogy.
We (me, husband and two daughters) were driving towards Madrid for a few days away in the holidays.
And  we passed a whole lot of Estacion de Servicio´s - Gas stations.
I love how the Spanish call it.
A station of service.
For whatever you need along the road.
Gas, food, drinks, a toilet, a place to rest...
That´s what my new offer will be all about.
Filling up your tank weekly.
To remind yourself of your greatness.
Your message.
Your beautiful unique sound and vibration.
Your worthiness to express.
Your innate entitlement to happiness.
I´d love to be your vocal service station.
Share and grow into expressed awesomeness.
Living our Inner Music.
Join my upcoming free masterclass this Friday to learn all about it.
Or send me a PM with service if you can´t wait and would like to know more right now!
Have a beautiful day my loves. Show yourself.

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