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¨Words begin deep within me¨

Yesterday, I received this precious review of Rosie, who is currently in my Expanding 3 month vocal journey.

¨I have done several vocal workshops and courses with Malou now, she is amazing!

I am generally awkward and uncomfortable in a group environment, but Malou creates a very safe space with lots of love and encouragement.

With wisdom and patience she enables self reflection and alternative perspectives where forgiveness and growth can begin.

Identity, self confidence and boundaries go hand in hand with me, and are all areas I need to work on,.

With the guidance and nurturing of malou the progress is real.

Another big struggle for me is connection to my voice.¨

The exercises and meditation we are doing in this current course are beginning to bridge the gap between the two. 

I am feeling more and more that the words coming out begin deep within me.

This course is exactly what I needed right now, thank you Malou!¨ 

Sound Body Scan  Meditation

Start your vocal journey here with this powerful voice meditation. Do it daily for seven days and notice a change in your singing and in your mood!