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¨Liberated my 13 year old girl.....¨

I just finished a deep dive of intensive sessions with the beautiful Liz Bingham . She asked me if I would like to receive a testimonial... Oh yes!!!! Here it is, it moved me to tears 😭
Thank you for letting me work my magic on you and witness your beautiful transformation!
"At 61 years old and now retired, I have been searching for purpose as I transition to the next stage of my life. I started work with Malou as I have always loved music and I wanted to explore voice  liberation simply to see if I could sing! With grace, humour and skill Malou taught me that I could indeed sing but what I did not expect, is that she also liberated the voice of my 13 year old self. My journey now is one of self reflection and deeper understanding of the behaviours and emotions that have helped but also hindered me in the past and will certainly be a problem for me if not addressed as I find my new place in the world. I feel stronger, happier and more purposeful than ever before. If you are seeking transformation of a spiritual, intellectual, emotional or musical kind - or all 4! Malou’s Music is the place for you. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I am enjoying mine!"

Sound Body Scan  Meditation

Start your vocal journey here with this powerful voice meditation. Do it daily for seven days and notice a change in your singing and in your mood!