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Get ack to my soft self

"Malou always helps me get back to my soft self. She tunes in exactly to what is going on at that moment and always knows how to strike the right chord, a real gift from Malou.

I feel seen and heard. She walks with me, so that I can always return to my own voice, that I dare to listen to it and express it. From love, connection and trust. That it goes exactly as it is intended, when I connect with my source.

What I like most is that Malou goes along with exactly what is there, without a plan. Very attuned, without judgement, from love and always back to the core together. To me it feels very supportive, safe and beneficial. "

Sound Body Scan  Meditation

Start your vocal journey here with this powerful voice meditation. Do it daily for seven days and notice a change in your singing and in your mood!