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Get Your Voice back

You probably know the story of Ariel, the little mermaid.
She wants to belong and find love so badly, that she makes a deal with ¨the devil¨, and for that she gives up her voice, literally.
Maybe you can relate to this.
That at some point in your life, as a child, because you wanted to belong and wanted to be loved so badly, you gave up your voice.
You stopped expressing what is really inside of you, and now it seems that somehow you have forgotten how to do that.
This may leave you simply feeling disconnected a lot of the time, unfulfilled, overwhelmed or frustrated.
Or it might even already have ended up in feeling depressed, anxious or expresses through physical signs.
What if you could be like Ariel and get to kiss the prince or princess and get your voice back?
And feel alive, heard and excited about life again.
And what if I tell you that doesn´t have to be something that one day when you´re old and grey, might re-find.
The way of authtentic self-expression is something you already knew and did as a child, and simply need to remember and re-embody.
Sandra, together with hundreds of other Inner Music students, found that listening to herself – literally – helped her to rediscover, express and acknowledge her feelings.
¨It´s so liberating to no longer be dependent on others to feel heard, but take the power back to myself – where it was all along¨.
All of my students report by working with me for three months, they see a significant improvement of their mood, sense of purpose in life and/or health.
I´m opening up two spots in my 1:1 programm to work with me from february.
Reclaim your voice and discover what is has to offer you in terms of healing and connection to yourself and the world around you.
Be your own prince or princess, and give Ariel her her voice back.
Can´t wait to meet you and see if we can you get your voice back🧜‍♀️

Sound Body Scan  Meditation

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