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I was 10 when....

I was 10 when I discovered the power of listening.
I saw that grown-ups always asked: ¨How are you?´ when they met. So I remember deciding to put it to the test. It was a Sunday morning. My father always did his weekly running with my uncles, and afterwards there was coffee and cake with also my aunties and cousins.
I asked my aunt for the first time: How are you? And I remembered being taken into her world. She talked about what she was doing, and what she was struggling with.  For the first time I didn´t feel like a child. I felt like an equal. Having something to give. My ears. My empathy. I was surprised. In a funny way it felt powerful. Even though I didn´t say much.
From then on I developed listening to others into my superpower. I could see how much it meant to others to feel heard. And I learned a lot about people. How they thought, felt and expressed themselves.
Listening even became my job when I was 23. I studied Science of Religion and did my Masters in Spiritual Care. As a spiritual caregiver I tuned into people´s life stories, and how they gave meaning to challenges they encountered. Reflection, non-judgment and love were keys in these conversations.
But, after years of working in Health Care next to doctors and psychologists, I was literally sick of listening to others. I got a burn-out. For months I literally couldn´t listen to anyone. Not even music with voices on it. I just spend hours and hours laying on the grass, watching the clouds pass by.
I realized it was about time I started to listen to myself.
To strip down all social contacts, and just go live life the way made ME feel good. To go haunt MY answers to life´s big questions, instead of helping others find theirs.
To trust my inner voice that knew things I couldn´t explain. That told me to go live outside in nature, and let go of my comfortable apartment. To go walk to Santiago de Compostela, even though I already had the feeling it might mean the end of my relationship. To trust the intuition that knows when people say something, but actually mean something else.
Gosh. It has been a ride. From mindfulness, yoga, vipasana, reiki and other modalities, towards where I am today.
To cut it short, I stopped listening blindly to others, just in order to please them. And doing what they think is right. And I stopped listening to others to the extent that I forget about myself completely. These ways of listening tire me, because I disconnect from myself, from my wishes and wisdom.
I still listen to others, wholeheartedly. In order to serve and create a safe space. But at the same time I always listen within. And when it comes to leading my life, I only listen to me. (And a bit to my husband sometimes­čśŤ)
But next to dosing my listening skills, I´ve also found my voice.
I went from being a sensitive listener, to a vocal coach who knows she has something to say.
I can´t hold back anymore on my life´s mission. I think I went from hiding by listening to others, to a deep inner listening that brought me to this point where I can´t be quiet anymore. I am here to help people find their voice. Whether it is through singing, speaking or expressing their own truth. Powerfully. Confidently. True to their sensitivity and purpose in life.
Since I´ve started to express myself and my mission authentically, I´ve never had so many people reaching out to me. Wanting to work with me. Or collaborate. Or just letting me know they are so inspired by what I put out into the world.
And that is so satisfying. The bolder I am me, the bigger the reward!
And I wish the same for you.
Much love and keep shining bright(er) darlings!
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