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The 2 Billion Dollar Question

Hey, beautiful ones.

I was thinking about a conversation that I had with like my best friend.

She was here in Spain and we walked on the Camino for a few days together and I asked her the following question; 

the $2 billion dollar question, a.k.a.

What if you would have like a crazy amount of money?

More than you can spend.

What would you be doing?

What would your life look like?

And she said, gosh... (silence...)  I don't know.

She's a super kind soul and at the same time she knows she hasn't fully found her place yet.

In the sense of doing what she's really supposed to be doing here on planet Earth - even though she can somehow feel she's on her way to it.

Then she asked me the same question (obviously, but I didn´t prepare an answer... haha)

And I realized  while tuning into it;

I would help/ guide people to find their purpose.

Realizing this just filled me with so much joy and gratefulness, and at the same time gave me so much clarity about what it actually is that really drives me and makes me do what I do.

And many of my clients, they say to me, like you're not actually my singing teacher, are you?

And no, indeed, I'm usually not.

I think what my gift is, my ability to hear through your voice if whether or not what you´re expressing is coming from an aligned place.

With who you really are, and deeply desire to be. 

The voice never lies....

I have seen witnessed quite some clients that I work 1:1 with finding out what it is that they deeply desire to do, and finding the guts to go do it. F.e.:

Someone (re)discovering a book to write that had been buried within for decades. 

Someone got booked for her first gigs - a long cherished dream.

Another launches her website with heartfelt children´s stories and poems. 

One more decides to get out into the open with her business and take it to the next level: bye smallness, hello world. 

And many more examples....

To see real people, 

with good, happy lives,

enter a space of 

next level expression

authentic, powerful, aligned


That´s the magic that I will do until I die. 

So, yeah, how wonderful and pleasurable that I'm already doing what I love doing.

And I think I can and will be more explicit about what it is that I do - as your not regular singing teacher. 

Maybe it's time for you to also asnwer the same question:

what if you would have $2 billion, would you still be doing what you're doing right now?

Or would you nuance it?

Would you leave things behind?


Feel free to message and share, I get you.

Much Love


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